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Asia Pacific Network

by SunflowerF1_ on ‎09-09-2011 1:52 AM, EDT

I am an avid reader of Newsletters, but webinars etc are difficult for me as I live in Australia, and rising in the wee small hours isn't conducive to focus or memory.


Also, many US laws and categories don't apply elsewhere. If our organisation wants to join certain online groups, for example, we have to meet US criteria that don't apply here.


Could I suggest a child be conceived, perhaps partnering with some Australian and Asia Pacific philanthropic groups so that your outreach extends well beyond the Americas with criteria for approval as charities defined by regional laws..


Would be happy to correspond with others on such a consortium.


Kim (The Sunflower Foundation (Australia) Inc.

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It drives me crazy to have to search for the donation button tracking codes. Please just put them on the main page


thank you

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The Admin Platform and Event Options

by jsoto on ‎05-06-2016 12:38 PM, EDT

I highly suggest looking at all the amazing features that EventBrite has for each event.  There are a lot of usable functions for each event. I love the ability to check in guests as they arrive.  


EventBrite just really has a lot of great features as well as great reporting options that are missing here on the Network for Good Platform.  I really hope that NFG will increase its functionality as well as the reporting capabilities which are very limited as of right now. 

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Please allow for more than 50 characters in the donation amount description section on the Donate Now pages. 50 characters isn't nearly enough space!

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Unfortunate events

by spence57 on ‎03-30-2015 7:28 AM, EDT

It is a shame that your company seems to have been abandoned. I submitted a donation and it was taken but I looked around and things are out of date. Hurricane Katrina is long over and no one needs are despertate anymore. Links are borken. It is annoying that donations are mandatory. I doubt that I'll be giving through here again. It's too bad but this seemed like a great idea. I expect that anyone at this place will understand this as well.

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DonateNow for Schools

by nmsaunders on ‎07-24-2014 9:42 AM, EDT


When we signed up for NFG, we met with the president of the company who said he was interested in getting into more schools, so I thought I would provide some feedback. Few of our parents used the pledge feature on their phones, but when they did, some then wrote us a check to pay their pledge. However, they are still getting pledge payment reminders from NFG because there was no way on the backend to mark that their pledge had been paid. Also, our fiscal year ends on June 30, and they are getting reminders now, the end of July. These are two features that I would love to change about the pledge process. Hope the feedback helps!


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Re:Events Now

by HeroProgram on ‎09-14-2013 9:24 AM, EDT
It would be nice to have more detailed reports. Listing all registered, ticket and sponsorship sales with each ticket, who purchased it a with who paid and who is unpaid. We are at the end of our event and looking to balance the oaks and close out our event and it would be nice to be able to see more detailed reports that we do not have to search for everything.
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MESEA,(Maine Solar Energy Association), presents hands-on solar educational workshops for the general public and interested industry folks, in the US, as well as supporting the developing world work of Dr Richard Komp and Skyheat Associates, establishing sustainable PV 'cottage industry' businesses, in over 12 countries, where poor communities may manufacture, install and maIntain the solar electric and thermal products they make ... see the Int'l Work page on website ( ... thanks

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by Gratefulness on ‎09-11-2012 8:12 PM, EDT

How about havings access to reports on the front page?

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Organization with Green Initiatives

by GreenerPa_ on ‎08-12-2011 11:25 AM, EDT

My outreach effort is based on creating events, informational workshops, and interactive gatherings to educate and involve people in green practices that provide solutions as to how they can meet “identifiable,“ community needs.  My first outreach initiative is the event, “Fall Harvest Celebration,”a collaboration with the PA Farm Market Association and Local to hand out free, fresh food to the community, with a Mission as a focused recipient.  Our idea is to relate the absolute vital aspect of fresh food, create local farmer support and connect the dots between local resources and immediate need.  The green practices involved are: energy savings, the utilization of local resources, and educating people as to the availability of fresh foods. I feel we need to join hands in not only giving to the community, but teaching the community where to find their local resources.

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Universal Fellowship Organization is a nonprofit organization in Kenya. The website link is: We are fundraising online to educate and feed vulnerable orphans in Trans - Nzoia County, Kenya. Kindly advice and support us in restoring hope in these vulnerable orphans who have lost hope in life. We also request for a 9 digit EIN number to enable us register in donatenow fundraising. We are finding it hard to register without the EIN number. We thank you in advance for your support.


Thanks and God bless you.


Bishop Raymond Mutama

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