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The Formula for Email Marketing Success

Email and Fundraising Formulas

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The formula for making email marketing and fundraising work for you is really quite simple: Getting Results = Making a Promise + Delivering on that Promise. Here’s how it works . . .

Getting Results

You’ve probably heard lots of people talking about their “e-blasts.” Aside from the rather violent imagery, that term suggests you thrusting information on to people, perhaps without their permission. It’s also called “spray and pray” and it doesn’t really work. Even if some people do respond, you are likely alienating many more. What if you thought of every email you sent as an “invitation” instead? Not as an event invitation per se, but as an invitation to your readers to become more deeply interested, involved, and committed to your work?

If you think of using email this way, then your next step is to think about inviting people to do something. Maybe you want people to donate, to advocate, or to volunteer. But how do you get people on your list, so you can send these invitations full of opportunities to do something more with your organization?

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