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Phone and EMail on Donate Page?

Our donate page includes required fields for the donor's e-mail address and phone number. Two questions:


1. Are these fields required by Network for Good, or did we add them? (The person who set up our page is no longer here.)


2. What is best practice on making this information mandatory for a donor? We've had a complaint from a donor who wanted to give, but didn't want us to have her phone number (which I don't care about) or her e-mail address (which I do want to capture for future mailings).



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Re: Phone and EMail on Donate Page?

Hi Meg,


Thanks for posting!


1. These fields are added by Network for Good and are used for payment verification. They're standard on the page for all donors and can't be added or removed by your organization.


2. Some donors are sensitive about this information. While you'll always recieve it from us (they're your donors and we want to make sure you get their info) you can create a custom question for your page allowing donors to opt to be anonymous. This will hopefully give donors an added feeling of comfort that their information is safe with you. It's a nice way to reiterate to them that you won't sell their information. You can add this question easily from the 'Custom Questions' section under 'Donor Options' on your configuration menu. I'd recommend a checkbox format with some simple working.


Let me know if you have any other questions.