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How are three different mailing addresses populated in EventsNow? Attendee vs. Buyer vs. Billing

I've been using EventsNow for years, but haven't been able to figure out which address is the one entered by event registrants when they register/buy tickets. Three address fields appear in the Attendees report export: Attendee Address, Buyer Mailing Address, and Billing Address. Attendee Address and Billing Address seem to be the same, but Buyer Mailing Address can vary. Which is the address they first enter when they register for an event? What does each address field indicate, and when/where is that info gathered? To make things even more confusing, the system seems to associate various accounts and street addresses with e-mail addresses and automatically plug that associated into the Billing Address field even when there is not payment for a free event. If people enter for their e-mail address to avoid the required entry, their address shows up as the address of the first person who ever tried that tactic. I would love to determine which field contains the most current address entered by each registrant in order to keep our database up-to-date.