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Website review assistance

We need your assistance, please! Help!


We began as a non-profit organization in 2003, and we began without any funding, which is where we are right now. But now we want and need to grow fast!


We now have four web pages that people can find us at. Please review and share your thoughts re. Each with us, please. They are:


Granted that this first one has a web name that says nothing about us; we already understand that. But how do we transfer it, and where do we transfer it to? We currently use: a free service, through Earthlink, that hosts this webpage and also that has a link to a global web portal that we use for chat and have for the past 7 years.


Is there a better one that is also free? If so, what might you suggest, please? We are trying to minimize our overhead, as you can understand, while maximizing our revenues and “hits”.


Our website is used for PR, for I&R, for posting new information, and more. We have a presence on several other sites, as well, including a listing in Wikipedia, on Blogger, AOL, Yahoo, and more.   I am the President of this non-profit, and am currently writing a book revising established U.S. History, which is challenging enough in a time of War.   Any and all feedback would be appreciated; thank you.




Mitchell J. Rappaport. President

Center For People With Disabilities, Inc.

P.O. Box 26272

Austin, Texas   78755  

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Re: Website review assistance

Hello Mitchell!


Thanks for posting your questions here for us. It looks like you've been busy with your organization and writing!


As you mentioned, it would be great to have a shorter web address and recognizable domain name. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any free solutions for this. That said, many domain providers and webhosts offer very affordable basic packages that could meet your needs. Another great resource for the mechanics of setting up and hosting a website is Here's a good article on this: 


While we can't really provide a lot of specific technical help for your website, I can offer some initial thoughts on how to best present your information. A few suggestions:



-- I like that you have your photo near the top of the page. It would be great to be able to have your introductory text appear next to this, so this is the first thing they see:  We are the Virtual Center For People with Disabilities, the online representation of the Center For People With Disabilities, Inc., a 501-c-3 non-profit organization fulfilling visions of accessability and civil rights for people with disabilities one at a time.  You should also provide a sentence that illustrates how you are accomplishing your vision, so that users can get a quick sense of what you're doing.


-- I'd recommend making your bio and the descriptions of the individual programs their own separate pages. Since these are also included in the top list of links, it may not be necessary to list them out again.


-- You don't have a way for users to get involved or donate until they get down to the bottom of the page, so I would recommend moving this up near the top of the page.


The key would be to simplify and reduce the amount of distraction from what you actually want visitors to do. Make your calls to action very clear and at the top of the page. You probably want to ensure your site is fully accessible, so keep this in mind when making any changes.

Some additional resources:


A Nonprofit’s Guide to Building Simple, Low-Cost Websites:


Nonprofit Homepage Tips: 


10 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit Website: 


I hope this helps and best of luck!


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
Network for Good