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Registered: ‎12-13-2011

Website Feedback

I've attended several of the great Webinars, but never remember to get our website(s) sent in in advance.


We've just relaunched our Veteran's program website,, and think it operates pretty well, but want to make sure we've got all of our bases covered.


We're thinking about revamping some of our other sites, including our main orgnization page, as well as the program


Thanks in advance for any feedback you're able to provide!!!

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Re: Website Feedback

Hello Ivey --


I'm so glad you were able to post your websites here for us. Thanks for attending the webinars! Here are my thoughts on your pages:


I think this page does a great job of offering clear navigation and illustrates what you do. A few things to consider:

-- I would recommend calling out the option to donate in a more prominent way in the upper right section, above the CFC call out. A nice "Donate Now" button would make it clear and also frame the other options in that space.


-- I was confused by the "N" icon in the upper right with your social media links. I had to mouse over it to understand what this was for. Since I am pretty web-savvy, I anticipate other visitors would also pass this by because they didn't know what it was. Try simply calling this out with a link that reads "Get our Newsletter" or something similar.


-- From being in our webinars, you probably know we're not big fans of the rotating homepage image. I think yours is less confusing because you have the tabs, but you may want to try using one large compelling image and keep the tabs on the left so they can still jump through to the information.


-- I *love* how you list out the quick stats on your page -- this is great. You may want to consider swapping a few out with more human elements, such as "# Veterans Helped".

Overall the page looks good and you're continuing to do a great job with the navigation. 

-- I would recommend calling out the donation option bigger and bolder. It's great that you have this in the top navigation, but the button below gets lost in the graphic.

-- Move your email sign up to a more prominent placement above the fold.

-- You do a great job with a concise statement of what you do, but this gets a little lost with the first story on the page. This might be better on its own page with a simple link. I'd rather see the MMA Glad to Help Siblings story leading off here because it's a relatable story with a great photo -- instead of a graph.

-- The rotating images here may do more of a disservice than they do in the first site -- I'd recommend focusing on one of the images of the children, which make a stronger emotional appeal than the other two images.

-- Can you move your donate/request assistance buttons up the page? They are falling below the fold for me. You have a great tagline in your header, so you probably don't need to include your mission stagement in the prime real estate on the homepage.

-- Also your social media icons are lost at the bottom of the screen.

-- In the top nav, I'm not clear on what HSEATS means -- if there's a way to avoid the acronym, I would, but if your audience would be looking for this, it might be ok to keep it as is if it's a recognizable term.



All in all, I think your sites are looking great and I hope this feedback helps. Keep us posted on how it's going and be sure to come back once you've made any changes so we can see the difference!


Best regards,


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
Network for Good