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Website Before and After: Give2Give Hope

Recently Katya Andresen issued a challenge to her readers: show support to one of my favorite causes, and I'll return the favor with a review of your nonprofit webpage or appeal. Ken Hayes of Give2Give Hope took Katya up on her offer and graciously allowed us to use Give2Give Hope's site as an example of her advice in action. Check out the before and after views of and Katya's advice for improvement. Before:


give2givehope before



Katya's analysis of's homepage:

Things I love – you have ALL the essentials right so bravo:

  • Photos of children
  • Donate button above the fold (meaning, you don’t have to scroll to see it)
  • Email signup above the fold
  • Tangible results are highlighted
  • Social sharing links top right, where they belong
  • Address is easy to find
  • Navigation is easy to understand and donor-centric


Things I’d suggest:

  • Overall, I’d make the home page a little less busy so you don’t create the paradox of choice (
  • The photo to the left with “sponsor and child” and the photos to the right on the carousel compete with each other and confuse.  I’d combine that space into one big photo with the “sponsor a child” call to action.  I would remove the newsletter and news item from this rotation as they detract from your focus and central call to action.  They can go elsewhere.
  • The constant changing of photos makes it hard to really stare at and connect with one – I’d stick with one child, who you change on page refresh
  • I wasn’t crazy about the childlike font so I showed your site to two other nonprofit marketing experts (without saying anything). They also commented on it as hard to read and not inspiring of trust.  You may want to use a more conventional font.
  • All of us were a little confused by “read!” and “in other words” and “recent posts”  – we’d collapse those into one section of content with a clearer labels.  It’s too many reading options (see
  • I’d drastically shorten the text in the center of the page.  It’s really long and the site is pretty self-explanatory so it’s also redundant.  Remember, people skim, not read, online.


But overall, GREAT WORK!

Katya After:


 give2givehope after



What tweaks will you make to your organization's homepage to help strengthen it for your supporters and encourage donations?