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Feedback on Website's Mission and Donation Opportunities

At the National Council for Science and the Environment: ( we have always had trouble with donations in general (end of year as well as throughout the entire year).


We don't have the emotional connection like most non-profits. We have many programs and initiatives but they aren't going to pull at the "heart strings." I was wondering if we could get an outsider perspective on our mission/donation opportunities. 


I was listening to the Nonprofit 911 webinar, and I will look into putting a donate now button on our homepage. Other suggestions would be very helpful.



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Re: Feedback on Website's Mission and Donation Opportunities

Hi there --


Thanks for posting and I'm glad you were able to attend the webinar. I see that you've included a donate now button on the page -- I like that you're giving it prominent placement above the fold.


The one piece of feedback I'd give about the homepage is the video image at the top. This is really cool, but I don't think the montage tells a compelling story in the few seconds you have to grab someone's attention. Since this takes up a lot of prime real estate on the page, I'd recommend focusing on one great image that features the people you impact -- the images of the smiling students and the child holding a hand convey a better emotional connection. The phrases "bridging science and policy, bringing communities together" also made me feel interested in knowing more. Consider focusing on one key element rather than the montage.


At the top of the page there is a text box -- but it is unclear on what this box is for, so consider labeling this as "search".


Your email subscription and social media links are lost at the bottom of the page. I'd advise moving these closer to the top of the page or swapping these with the "news" carousel to give users a more interactive way to keep in contact with you.


In terms of the emotional connection issue -- I know it can sometimes feel difficult to hit the right note here, but don't sell yourself short. To tell a better story, focus on how your work is impacting those you reach and their work. If you can, try to collect some stories from these folks -- the education programs seem the most ideal for this -- and feature them on your site. Real people can help you tell your story in a moving way.


I hope this helps and keep us posted on your progress!


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
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