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Critique for our Web Site - from webinar

We're so disappointed that we were the next web site up for critique and there wasn't enought time to get to our site.


Our site is:


We would appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer.




Santina Protopapa

Executive Director

Progressive Arts Alliance

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Re: Critique for our Web Site - from webinar

Hello Santina --


Thank you so much for posting. I am very sorry we ran out of time -- we had a lot of sites that we weren't able to get to this time, but I hope you were able to glean some information from the critiques that were given. I will ask Katya, Mark & Alia to stop by and take a look, but overall I think your site is on the right track. One item that I did notice is the rotating/fading images, which the group mentioned as something to possibly consider changing. How do you feel the site is expressing your mission and getting users to get involved?


Here are a few more resources that you may want to review:


8 Things Your Nonprofit Home Page Should Have

10 Critical Points for Updating Your Nonprofit Website


Best regards,


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
Network for Good