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Building your site

In the last webinar, you made  a comment about not building your site around your companies 'organizational chart'. How can you avoid this? If your organization is made up of so many different programs that require individual attention, how can you address this?

Occasional Collector
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Registered: ‎07-12-2011

Re: Building your site

Our website address is - if you would have time to give any advice, it would be much appreciated! We are in the process of redesigning/reorganizing. If you look at the Traffic Safety page - that's the look/feel of the new site.

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Re: Building your site

Hello Serena --


Thanks so much for stopping by! The question about not designing around your organizational chart is a good one -- I'll ask Mark, Alia and Katya to elaborate on this a bit more. One thing to keep in mind is that you want to design your site and navigation to reflect what your supporters and users of your site might be looking for rather than what someone working in your organization might want or need.


I'm so glad you included a link to your site and that's great that you were able to attend and get some info while you're in the process of redesigning your site. I know that's a lot of work! My first impression when visiting the current homepage is that there is a lot going on (both visually and information/choice-wise). As Katya & Mark mentioned, the more choices we present to a user, the less likely they are to choose something easily (or to choose the thing we most want them to do). I see that you've already addressed that in your new page. Another thing I noticed is that the top navigation seems a little small/hard to read, so it's difficult to see at a glance what might interest me. Lastly, since your site obviously has a lot of information and I imagine you're always adding updates, it would be a good idea to put the option to sign up for email updates or a newsletter in a more prominent place, higher up on the page.


I'm including some additional articles that you may find useful:


I hope this helps! Check back for more input and keep us posted on how your redesign is going!


Best regards,


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
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