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Community Manager
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Blanca's House- Homepage review



One of our newest DonateNow clients had a chance to listen to the webinar on Tuesday and would love our advice and feedback on their homepage.


Please find their site here:


Thank you,


Digital Giving Expert
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Re: Blanca's House- Homepage review

Thanks for posting this, Laura. We're glad to have Blanca's House on board.


I visited and have a few suggestions. Many of these may be things you've already picked up from the webinar, but I hope you find it helpful.


I like that you are keeping your page pretty clean and simple. I worry that your logo and tagline may be getting a bit muddled, though. I would make the logo a little larger and call out your tag line "Every Child Counts, Every Family Matters" more prominently at the top of the page.


I love that you have the donate option in a key spot, but also worry that the image here makes this option fade into the background. Instead of superimposing this on an image, we recommend using a bold DonateNow button that looks like a button so visitors will know to click on it.


Your navigation menu options look great -- the only thing I'd say is to possibly make them larger to span the width of the page. It's ok, but the text size may not be eye-catching enough here.


The main issue I find with your page is a common one -- and that is the use of the rotating carousel as your main component. In your case you have two things rotating in the central portion of the page, which makes it hard for users to connect with a central item that will make them want to get involved. Select one great photo -- and you have several to choose from featuring children looking straight into the camera -- and highlight it for maximum impact.


Instead of the rotating news items (which is distracting and hard to read), move your "About Us" blurb up to replace this. You can list out a few of the headlines in the lower portion of your page.


Finally, you're doing a great job of highlighting the impact for potential donors -- this is good because they see how their donation can really make a difference and how the cumulative impact is substantial.


I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck as you head into the holiday fundraising season!


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
Network for Good