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Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder...Experience Advice is Priceless, Yes?!

Good day to you,


I've been working with your kind staff for weeks to be able to get a chance to share feedback and request a kind eye review of my website. I kept facing some computer error. I'm presently using a friend's laptop and whoo-hoo I got in, so I'm taking this golden moment to write.


I've been studying the responses and garnering some wonderful insights that have been most enlightening. I thank you for your specific feedback on the sights you've been reviewing as that is most useful to understand what you are saying. I so appreciate not seeing simply generic "one size fits all" type of answers from the Network for Good staff. To me that says,  you genuinely care!


I've the challenge of startup and even though our project has been 3-4 years on the table in evolving its curriculum and such, we are now ready to make ourselves public and to seek public support.  We are advocating for a paradigm shift in our educational system and that is not an easily communicated project, albeit it is longed for by many for quite some time. Thus, our challenges are educating on the Big Picture and presenting the little picture or baby steps we are prepared to initiate that start the process creating a movement into action.


Our website is and I'm feeling a bit of overwhelm making a website. 


So, presently, we don't have the engaging pictures I'd love to show as our track record because we are initiating. How do nonprofits successfully meet their beginnings? Everyone has to start somewhere but I've not seen this aspect discussed yet. I'd LOVE feedback on this aspect.  I've tried to incorporate visuals to help communicate our idea, but it will be some time before we've got access to the type of pictures I know would be ideal to show. I don't want to portray a dishonest face since transparency is our Principle and important to us.. I feel in a quandary over this aspect.  Any suggestions?


Our project is education oriented and our smaller projects are designed to build over time into a new educational system that will differ vastly from what we are accustomed to as schooling presently.  It must change, our society cannot bear it as it is... So much of our effort is focused on sharing the Big Picture from smaller doable approaches that will merge in time.  Connecting with an ideas that impact us but are not tangible seems to be a mountain to climb of its own kind. How do I meet this trek with the "Compassion Mountain" (I loved that!) you spoke of in the webinar?


I've tried to plug in the insights I've learned from your wonderful seminar and the forum feedback I've been reading. Also, I am the program director of a fiscally managed nonprofit which means I can have an advisory board locally, but the board of directors is with the overseeing charity.  This means I'm dealing with a donation process not so familiar to donors, and any insights about this you may care to share would be wonderful, too?


I've tried to meet the varying traffic paths of donor, volunteer, new teachers seeking new Matea Careers, other educators, parents and the general public interested in real reform.  Frankly, I got this from the webinar and found that most logical and useful. Maybe I've not achieved that yet, I do feel quite limited by the website theme, but if I must do a redo, then I shall, albeit I may have to weep! ha ha.


Any comments you feel inclined to proffer, I shall be grateful.  Thank you in advance for your kind and generous considerations.


All to Love,

Sharon Quinn

Education Strategist, Co-founder AKRNA

UCP Program Director

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Re: Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder...Experience Advice is Priceless, Yes?!

Hello Sharon and Welcome to the Network for Good community!


I'm glad to see you here and hope any other posting issues can be resolved.


Thank you so much for posting a bit about your site, your organization's background and the process you've gone through in creating your site. You bring up a lot of great questions that I need to think about for a bit, but wanted to let you know your points are really representative of what we hear from many nonprofits, especially small organizations just starting out.


You mentioned photos specifically and I can imagine that this can be a challenge. It occured to me that perhaps you could use some compelling photos of any of the educators or nonprofit staff who are driving your mission. Giving your organization that personal face for your audience to connect with is key. As your organization grows, you will likely have other opportunities to show impact through photos, so consider it as always being a work in progress that can change over time.


Let me collect my thoughts around your other questions and ask some of my colleagues to weigh in as well. Thanks again for such a thoughtful post and I look forward to discussing it more with you and our community very soon!


Best regards,


Caryn D. Stein
Online Community Strategist
Network for Good

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Registered: ‎07-22-2011

Re: Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder...Experience Advice is Priceless, Yes?!

Dear Caryn,


Thank you for for your response.  I wanted to respond the next day, but I am still unable to login from my computer for some unknown reason.  I'm at my friend's computer, so I thought I would take this opportunity to post while posting is available to me!


I've considered your ideas and we have some extenuating circumstances that do not make that possible at present... though I agree a personal face is valuable.  Right now, the only person who is willing to be online in that manner is myself, and I'm not fond of being a showboat or the showcase.  It doesn't feel right to me when I desire to focus on others... maybe I err in this.  I'm not sure.


I'm looking forward to some feedback about how our site is laid out for navigation and functionality,  I get contradictory feedback from the few who have looked at it, making my clarity, well, fuzzy.   Ah, the nature of contradictory info, yes?


I've plenty of tasks with all the hats I'm currently wearing, so I'll cycle in and out in hopes of you and your colleques weigh in.   I do so appreciate your site and the recordings which also keep me busy learning what is needed to be known. 


Lovely days to you all.

All to Love,

Sharon Quinn

Education Strategist, UCP Program Director