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10 Critical Points for Updating Your Nonprofit Website

Beyond the basics, nonprofits should ensure they're telling their most compelling story from the moment a potential supporter hits their website's homepage. Earlier this year, Network for Good's Katya Andresen shared these ten criteria to keep in mind as you are building or revamping your nonprofit website.



  1. Something that tugs the heartstrings - an arresting image, a bold statement, the start of an incredible story
  2. A 2-second statement that sums up who you are and what you do so that anyone glancing at the page gets it right away
  3. Clear, intuitive navigation that is organized according to the brain of the people who come to your website and NOT your org chart
  4. A quick case or link to a case for why you’re THE organization to support
  5. A way to capture people whose interest has been captured (a great email signup that entices people to provide their email address)
  6. A big donate button for people ready to give
  7. A third-party endorsement (ratings from Charity Navigator or a testimonial from someone)
  8. Something that shows where the money goes or links to information on where donations go (this can be part of #4)
  9. Engagement opportunities - lots of them!
  10. Social media links - so people can take your message around the Internet


8 Things Your Nonprofit Homepage Should Have: 


We'd love to hear how you're incorporating any or all of the above points into your nonprofit organization's website. Share your thoughts here and include a link to your page so we can check it out!