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How often to post donation request in a campaign?

We are doing a spring fundraising online campaign in the month of May.  Our fundraising goal is $9,600. We would like our first email to go out Monday, May 4th, and the deadline for the campaign is May 31st.  How many emails do you suggest that we send during that month?


I am attaching a copy of the first one, and any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: How often to post donation request in a campaign?

Perhaps not so much red. "You highlight everything, you highlight nothing."


In terms of frequency: Once a week eblasts + social media 2-3 times a week.


Good luck!

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Re: How often to post donation request in a campaign?

Hi Jerri,


The simple answer is that there isn't a simple answer. How often you send your appeal depends on the engagement you see. Plan on sending an email weekly, but don't send it to the same people each week. As soon as someone donates remove them from the list and don't ask again! If someone opens your appeal but doesn't give, remove them from the next week's mailing but send the appeal again later in the month. If people aren't opening your message it's okay to send it again, but avoid sending more than three per month to the same person.


As for the letter itself I have two thoughts. First, decide whether you're really interested in one-time or recurring gifts. It seems like you'd prefer a recurring gift because you describe them more throuroughly, but your first ask is for a one-time gift. I'd recommend you put the ask for recurring gifts first and really concentrate on that. Additionally the call for 160 new donors seems big, I'd recommend asking for a $10 gift instead, that way you can ask for 80 donors, a seemingly more managable number, plus, $10 isn't that much more of a commitment for a donor.


Thanks for sharing and let us know how it goes!




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