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How do I add different types of tickets?

Hi there,


I'm working on setting up our events page for our semi-annual fundraiser, a concert featuring some of the artists we support. We are hoping to set up a few different kinds of tickets. Cheaper tickets for students, balcony, general admission, you know the normal ones.


Am I able to do this in EventsNow? And if yes, how would I do that? (I'm not great with computers so the simpler the better)


Many Thanks,


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Re: How do I add different types of tickets?

Hey Thea,


Making different ticket types is a great way to tailor your event to your audience and to make sure that there is a place for everyone.  EventsNow lets you make as many different tickets as you want.


The steps are really easy, and allow for tons of customization for your needs.

1. From your Event Page, select 'Edit'

2. With your mouse, hover over the ticket section and click to edit the section

3. The 'Manage Tickets' dialogue will appear and let you add, edit or delete tickets for your event.  If you haven't created any tickets yet, you will be prompted to 'Create a ticket'.   You can also choose 'Add a Ticket' at the top.

4. Fill out the appropriate information to define the ticket. In your case you might do a Student Ticket, set the price lower, and make it clear that they will need to show and ID when they arrive. Or call it a General Admission ticket and provide special instructions for when the door opens or where to form a line.

5. Select 'Save' to save your ticket definition and you will be returned to the 'Manage Tickets' dialog. 


Repeat these steps as many times as you need to for all of the tickets you need.


Have fun!


Annika Smiley Happy

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Re: How do I add different types of tickets?

I've created 3 types of tickets for an event. ( Yet, when I view the event, they are not visible as selections in the "I Want to Attend" field.  How do I make them visible?  Thanks!


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Re: How do I add different types of tickets?

Hi Kat,


Thanks for posting! Taking a look at your page today I am able to see all three of these tickets listed. I think the issue might have been that you have the Available From date listed as today 5/31. So until 12:01 this morning you were not able to see those tickets, but now they are displayed.


If you run into any other issues please let us know!