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segmenting question

Thanks, Jeff, for an awesome webinar! 

I'm looking for tools that I can use to walk my team through an exercise to brainstorm what segments we need to create.  Any thoughts on tools or resources of questions, etc we can use during this meeting?

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Re: segmenting question

Crystal, thanks for listening and thanks for the question. The best tool for getting started in segmenting is Microsoft Excel. Try this:

  • Get a list of all of your donors from the last year (if you are from a particularly large organization, you may need to pare the list down). Pop it into Excel. At a minimum, you need the "amount donated" fied from your database.
  • List the donors in order of total giving, from highest to lowest. 
  • Now total that entire column -- this should be, roughly, the entire amount you raised from donors last year. Note the total. 
  • Head back up to the top of the list, and begin to highlight the giving amount of donors; you'll see that Excel keeps a running total in the bottom right-hand side of the window. Stop until you get to about half of your last year's total.
  • If you're like most organizations we work with, you've just found the 10% or so of your donor base who contributes half of your overall revenue. There's your first segment!

Learning more about how PivotTables work in Excel can take you a lot further. You'll start to see patterns based on age, gender, cause affiliation, and so forth. All it takes is time and a bit of patience. You won't break your data!