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Update on year-end appeals review process

Hi everyone,


We realized that we neglected to put an end date for you to post your year-end appeals, so Rebecca and I will be continuing to respond through the 22nd (Katya's taking some much-deserved vacation), then we'll be out for the holidays.


We'll try to jump back in on the 27th for one last look, though your first email should be out on the 27th! We recommend sending a few emails the last week of the year.  Since the week starts on Monday the 27th, send one on the 27th, another one on the 29th or 30th and then a final one on the 31st itself.


In the interim, check out the great reviews Katya has already done - there's a lot there you can apply to your own appeals!


And here are some tips from our Learning Center:

Keep it Simple. December is a busy month for everyone. Don't be longwinded or beat around the bush. You want to make an incredibly compelling yet concise case for why people should give. That begins with understanding the questions your donors are asking themselves before they give.

  • First of all, your donors need to know, "Why me?" They need to know why your cause is relevant to them and why should they care. 
  • Secondly, they will ask, "Why now?" This time of year, donors will generally answer this themselves knowing the tax deadlines are approaching.
  • Then they will ask, "What for?" You need to lay out what their gift can accomplish - show the impact it will have.
  • Finally they ask, "Who says?" People are increasingly skeptical and will trust what their friends, family and even acquaintances say over all of your marketing efforts. So get your supporters' help. Have them tell why they give to you and what it means to them. 

Happy Holidays,