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Email to go out today (If anyone is reading today, any feedback is much appreciated!)


Dear [member_name_first],

As 2010 comes to an end, I hope you'll take the time to consider the school kids in DC, Baltimore, and across the country who have  struggled with poor school conditions their entire lives.   Not only have they had to try to learn in crumbling classrooms, they've been demoralized by filthy bathrooms and shortchanged by empty libraries.  Worst of all, they've been underestimated.  These conditions send a clear message that they're not expected to care about their education, nor take a stand to change their schools.  
The work we've done at Critical Exposure has given these students the chance to learn the tools necessary to document their conditions, and the platform to make their voices heard.  Critical Exposure has trained over 800 students to use documentary photography and advocacy skills to make the changes needed in their schools and communities.
PICTURE ALEXIS:  “I like that we were able to get the word out about the terrible school conditions and we actually had proof.  [Now] the school board won't say, ‘Well the kids aren't complaining or the kids don't care or how were we supposed to know.’”
- Alexis, 11th Grade, DC
You can help.  By making a donation today, you will put cameras in the hands of students who will use their photography to change their lives and the lives of those around them.
Thank you for supporting Critical Exposure and have a happy new year.


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Re: Email to go out today (If anyone is reading today, any feedback is much appreciated!)

Hi there, Stuck in an airport reviewing this on my BB, but here are my thoughts: I love that it's short and sweet, but I'd move her story up to the top, thank your supporters for how much they've helped accomplish, and make a clear ask, both in the body and the subject line. Good luck! Julie