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Email Gone Wrong: What to Do and How to Avoid It

email fail.pngThis week Marketing Profs shared some great tips on how to handle some common email marketing mishaps, such as duplicate emails or sending out incorrect information. Since even the most conscientious marketers have a few of these flubs in their hall of shame, it's important to know what to do when it happens (note that "hide under your desk" is not on this list!):


    • Determine if a follow-up email is necessary, such as in the case of sending incorrect information, or if it will just add to your readers' email annoyance.

    • If you've messed up, know when (and how) to say "I'm Sorry".

  • Each situation is unique, but consider talking to your team now to set some ground rules about how you handle communication mistakes.


Of course, we always recommend preparation and planning as the best defense against running into email embarrassment. Having a process in place to plan and test your emails, instead of rushing them out the door, can help catch errors and potential pitfalls in the making.  For more tips on sending great emails, check out these resources:


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