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Best most reputable sources for name acquisition

Looking to supplement in-house file of e-constituents.  What reputable email and/lead generation sources have been successful for non profit organizations in the health sector.  We've tried Care 2, emiles, etc.

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Re: Best most reputable sources for name acquisition

Hello Rosie -- thanks for posting. While we can't really suggest a source for lists, I wanted to offer some resources that touch on building your list and best practices for email outreach.



Building your email list:

A few tips for building my email list?

It's all about the list! How to Grow and Cultivate Your Most Valuable Online Asset: (includes slides + transcript of our webinar on this topic)

Online Fundraising Lessons from Campaign 2010 (includes a presentation on online fundraising and list building tactics)


I invite other organizations to chime in and let us know how they're tackling this question.


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Caryn D. Stein
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