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5 Things That Don't Work in Email

(via Katya's Nonprofit Marketing Blog)


1. Emailing people without permission in the blind hope one of them will read your message and give money.  Spray and pray = watered down results.


2. Sending the same message to everyone.  Impersonal = ineffective.


3. Blasting out a message with no way to encourage conversation.  No reply = no response.


4. Forgetting to test the message to Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.  Make sure your email gets delivered and doesn’t show up as one big, blocked image with a red X.  And that it doesn’t look horrific on an iPhone or Blackberry.


5. Treating email like a island.  Integrate your email campaigns with your direct mail, your social media, etc.  Donors don’t stick to one channel in isolation, nor should you.



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