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How can I cancel my DonateNow subscription?

How can I cancel my DonateNow subscription?


To cancel your subscription, please log into your account.  On the Account Info tab you will see your active subscriptions.  To cancel, select the subscription you would like to deactivate and then click on the corresponding "Cancel Subscription" link.  Next, you will be asked to choose the reason for the cancellation and add additional notes in the description section.  When finished, click the "Submit" button to send your request to our customer support team.


Once we have processed your request you will receive an automated email letting you know when the page will be cancelled.  Please keep in mind we require 30 days written notice (the form you have submitted counts as written notice) to cancel your subscription.


Please be sure to log into your account and export any donation reports that your organization may need before your cancellation date. This information will not be available after we process your cancellation request if you do not have any active subscriptions left in your account.


Once the page has been deactivated you will receive another email confirming the cancellation.


Also, please note that we do bill in arrears so you will still receive one final bill once the subscription has been cancelled.

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Re: How can I cancel my DonateNow subscription?

A related question to cancellation - can we got back to DonateNow Lite after upgrading to DonateNow?
We have a DonateNow Lite page now that has gotten 2 donations in 4 months.

However, we're about to launch a $1.6 million capital campaign to furnish a new public library.

So we're considering upgrading to DonateNow page for the campaign, but wonder if we can revert to the DonateNow Lite after the campaign ends?

Tim F.J. Tolson
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Re: How can I cancel my DonateNow subscription?

This suggestion does not work for cancellation. A message pops up telling me to call a representative. When I call the number it is not recognizing that I am pressing numbers as listed in the menu.