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Looking for information about your EventsNow Disbursement?

The donations and transactions made through EventsNow are actually processed on our DonateNow Lite technology platform. This means that these funds won't appear in the reports of your DonateNow account.


To get EventsNow transaction funds direct deposited into your organization’s bank account you'll need to sign up for EFT again with Network for Good (through our DonateNow Lite Giving System). Additionally, you'll be logging in to your DonateNow Lite account to view detailed disbursement information, including fees on each transaction.


Luckily, logging into the Donation Tracking Report to view these transaction details is really very simple.


-If you’ve registered with Network for Good’s for DonateNow Lite before you can login to your account on the right side of the following page, using your organization's EIN:


If you have forgotten your DonateNow Lite password, please visit  to request that a new one be sent to the contacts listed on that account.


-If you’ve never registered for DonateNow Lite and the Donation Tracking Report you’ll just need to follow these simple steps to get set up. You can register by entering your charity’s nine-digit EIN number on the I Need to Register side of the following page:


You'll then be asked to complete a simple registration form, which prompts you for relevant contact and organizational information.  Once you've finished your registration, you will be emailed a secure password that will allow you to login. Once logged in, you can change the password to something more memorable using the "Change Password" application in your account.


Once you’re signed in you can view a full tracking report with full transaction processing fee and disbursement information and sign up for EFT to make sure that you get your event proceeds quickly and securely (all while saving yourself a trip to the bank!)


Of course if you have any other questions - let us know! We're always happy to help.




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