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Stationery and Layouts

Hi there,


We just purchased e-mail now and I am trying to create our first campagin. However, I am a little confused about the stationary and layout elements of the campaign. What is the difference between the two? Also, I noticed a link about ordering a customized stationary or layout. Please explain.





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Re: Stationary and Layouts

Hi Franny,


Thank you for your message!


EmailNow powered by Emma has two separate elements in each mailing – the stationary and the layout. Think of the stationery as the letterhead of your email - it frames the mailing content. The layout is the body of the email itself.
We have templates for both stationery and layouts you can use to create an email. Or, you can choose to upload your own HTML and create a mailing that's all your own.  

All accounts include blank stationery which allows you to upload your logo or other image to the top of the campaign – or you can purchase custom stationary for an even more integrated look. You will then get an option of selecting your layout preference - we have 39 layouts to choose from.

For more information on using the blank template with a layout of your choice, please refer to the EmailNow Getting Started Guide. You can download the guide here, if you don't have a copy:

If you're so inclined, you can choose the “upload your own HTML” option. You simply upload the HTML coding you have already written out for your email on the edit screen of your campaign. Of course, designing html emails is more restrictive than designing html web pages. With web pages, you're designing in a controlled environment. With emails, you're relying on a myriad of email clients to display your work. Some rules apply, and they are as follows:

If these options don’t meet your needs, we also offer custom stationery for only $99 for a limited-time (the normal price is $199). Custom brand stationery frames your html emails, much like the outer border of your website frames the content on each page.

We create your stationery using the materials (a logo or website header, for example) and instructions (“Give it a youthful feel,” or “Don't use blue!”) you provide using our design form. The more you can provide us with high-quality graphics and clear, thorough instructions, the better we'll be able to create something that matches your vision.

We budget 1 hour of revision work for your stationery, so it's important to give us clear instructions now so that our first design is really close, and to come back to us with a clear, concise list of revisions (should there be any).

Beyond an hour of revisions, work is billed at a rate of $100 per hour. Rest assured, we'll always alert you to the possibility of additional charges before that work begins, and do our best to work quickly to minimize that revision time.

If you are interested in purchasing custom stationery, please complete the design form at:

Our current turnaround time is 5-7 business days. We can do a rush order (2 business days) for an extra $100.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!





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