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Fundraising Fundamentals premium training

Create happier Donors Who Give Again

What is it and why do it?

Take the Quiz: How Well Are You Thanking Your Donors?

This course will turn you into a fantastic fundraiser by teaching you to treat your donors well – and keep them over the long term.

Here is how it works:

  • You get a series of 3 fun, interactive learning modules
  • You work at your own pace on each section
  • Thank you letter and donor stewardship planning templates

When you are finished, you will have:
  • A donor acknowledgement plan
  • A calendar and checklist to keep you on track all year
  • A model thank-you for your donors

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Why bother? There are four reasons why properly thanking your donors is critical.

1. SURVIVAL: The number one reason that donors stop supporting a nonprofit is the way they were treated by the nonprofit. They complain about lack of thank-yous and reporting on the difference they made. So we need a great acknowledgement program.

2. SUCCESS: Your gratitude helps bond a donor to your cause. It’s good fundraising practice.

3. DIFFERENTIATION: We’ll be honest. Most nonprofits are terrible at thanking and keeping donors! If you’re good, you are going to stand out. Be the best organization at saying thank-you and you’ll be seen as truly special.

4. MANNERS: Saying “thanks” often and well is simply the right thing to do. Ask any etiquette expert.