Top 10 Posts: #2: 6 STEPPS to Viral Success for Your Cause

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎12-30-2013 3:00 AM, EST

 We're pleased to bring you our top 10 blog posts of 2013!


#2: 6 STEPPS to Viral Success for Your Cause


Contagious - book coverFellow cause marketers, wouldn’t you like a dollar for every time someone told you to ‘make it go viral?’  The beauty and frustration of virality is that you never know what will catch on.  Context, creativity and conversation all have to align to get tens, hundreds or thousands of people to talk about your idea at the same time. 


We may not be able to make things go viral by sheer force of will, but Jonah Berger has a few ideas about how to engineer messages and campaigns that are more likely to spread.  Below are a few tips from his new book Contagious: Why Things Catch On.    


Jonah outlines six key STEPPS that will transform your cause marketing messages into content that will entertain, inspire and incite people to spread the word.


1. Social Currency: How will talking about your campaign affect the sharer’s status in his/her community?  Will it make the sharer look knowledgeable, in the know, generous?


Example: Packaging your message in a slick piece of media, such as the documentary Girl Rising, makes it easy for people to recommend – they seem intellectual, generous and pop culture savvy.




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