The Gap between Proclamations and Actions

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎01-03-2014 3:00 AM, EST

By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


While consumers say they prefer brands that give back and support social and environmental causes, sometimes their actions don’t match up to support that idea.


Check out Cone Communications' terrific chart that denotes the gap between ideals and action:

Cone Communications Social Impact Study 2013 - Proclamations v. Actions

What might surprise you is the highest percentage of actions taken to support values is donating.


Why might that be? When anyone donates to a cause the care about, they feel directly tied to the impact of that donation. By empowering your customers to donate to your cause campaign, your brand aligns most closely with the action consumers are most ready to take.


This presents an excellent opportunity: creating a crowdsourced cause campaign. By crowdsourcing fundraising, your audience gets to raise money for charities they see making an impact. When you throw in matching grants, your customers see a brand supporting the causes they care about most. It’s a win-win.


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