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by Network for Good Specialist ‎10-28-2013 3:00 AM, EDT

This post is a part of a frequently-asked-questions series on Network for Good. We thought this would be a good time to orient you on who we are, what we do, and how we can help your company. These are the most commonly asked questions we encounter. If you have any questions of your own, email us!


By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


Many of our FAQs center around pricing. We strive to provide the best-of-breed products and services. With that, we are transparent about how much it all costs. Keep in mind, though, that depending on your company's needs, these prices may change.


How much does your technology cost?

It depends! Our licensed solutions start at approximately $15,000 and the fees are commensurate with the level of customization or partnership support.


Human Resources: If your company is looking to engage in a small rewards and loyalty campaign, a Good Card program; you choose the amount based the quantity and Good Card value. We provide customized Good Cards starting at $5,000+.


Cause Marketers: Our branded giving page costs start at $15,000. This is a quick way to engage your consumers in your brand’s one-off or holiday giving initiative.


Developers: If you’re a developer wanting to integrate with one of our APIs (application programming interface), donation processing and disbursement technology starts at $15,000. If you want access to all of our APIs, full partnership and account management, standard fees start at $25,000.


Depending on what solution you choose, there would also be transaction fees. For example, most of our partners use credit card processing and there is 4.75% fee which can be added or deducted and it covers credit card processing, bank fees, state registrations, reporting and donor and nonprofit support. These fees do not apply to Good Card programs.



Network for Good's Disaster Giving SolutionHow does Network for Good work with companies in times of disaster?

Our branded giving pages and disaster giving plans help companies guide employees and consumers during times of disaster. We can create a customized disaster giving plan for your company, vet charities responding to on-the-ground realities, and create a branded giving page that allows employees and consumers to donate to the charities working to rush disaster relief to those in need.



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