Pro Bono Goes Viral

by Network for Good Specialist ‎10-25-2013 3:00 AM, EDT

By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


Between this week’s Pro Bono moniker, and the myriad companies participating, corporate pro bono service is really taking off. Over 500 top U.S. brands are currently providing $2 billion in pro bono and skills-based service.


Here's a sampling of how companies are participating in Pro Bono Week 2013:

  • 14 marketing organizations pulled all-nighters to produce strategies and creative materials with CreateAthon
  • Mastercard Worldwide and American Express participated in a pro bono programming panel at the Center for Social Innovation
  • Capital One engaging employees on a done-in-a-day model ScopeAthon covering strategy, HR, and marketing

The pro bono ethic is embedded inside America’s strongest companies.  


HP sees pro bono benefits

“Pro bono service has emerged as a critical component of transformative social change,” says Caroline Barlerin, Director of Global Employee Community Engagement in HP’s Office of Sustainability and Social Innovation and Taproot emeritus board member. “It’s one of the most effective ways for companies to harness their enormous human potential to achieve the greatest social impact.”


Plus, this service is no joke—the impact is significant. "The value of skills-based pro bono service that a company provides to a nonprofit—in areas such as technology development, marketing support, and human resources expertise—can be up to 500% greater than what the same nonprofit would receive from traditional volunteering,” explains Kate Ahern, VP of Social Innovation at the Case Foundation.


“And corporations benefit in a number of ways from providing pro bono service: from employee skills and leadership development, new product development, and new market insights, as well as a reputation boost."


Want to get involved? Of course you do!

(image via ABillion+Change & The Case Foundation’s infographic)


  • Learn from A Billion + Change pledge companies like HP, Mastercard Worldwide, Citi, Deloitte, and American Express to sell skills-based volunteering internally.
  • Check out the infographic below on how employees, companies, nonprofits, and communities benefit.
  • Join companies committed to providing pro bono support at A Billion + Change.
  • Discover how Taproot Foundation inspires corporations to build high-impact programming that works for their organizational culture.
  • Reward participating employees with gift cards for charity, giving them the opportunity to further the good.

                                            Pro Bono Service - A Billion + Change Infographic


Both images are via A Billion + Change's infographic on pro bono service. Click on the infographic to view a larger size.


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