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by Network for Good Specialist on ‎03-28-2013 3:00 AM, EDT

By Allison McGuire & Kate Olsen


A little-known fact: U.S. teachers are funding their own classrooms. Teachers spend about $1,000 each on school supplies. That adds up to $4 billion annually.


Apple heart via PinterestOfficeMax and Adopt-A-Classroom have joined forces to erase (pun intended) these teacher-funded classrooms.


Each year the company and its nonprofit partner team up for A Day Made Better, an annual, one-day-only event that awards over 1,000 teachers more than $1,000 each in school supplies. Talk about an authentic cause connection!


We talked with Bill Bonner, principal, bonnerIMPR, who was formerly the Senior Director of External Relations for OfficeMax to get the scoop on his work on this partnership.**


Here are the full 5 takeaways from the OfficeMax and Adopt-A-Classroom partnership:


OfficeMax - A Day Made Better.jpg1)    Appreciation inspires

2)    Brand differentiator

3)    More than dollars


4)    100% employee engagement

An early surprise…came from an employee survey. I expected to get good marks for the campaign overall, but was surprised to find that 98% of associates strongly agreed that A Day Made Better made them proud to work for OfficeMax. The remaining 2% simply agreed. I never would have expected those results and it made me proud to learn that all of the associates were truly on board with what we were doing.


5)    Digital involvement = transparency

Adopt-A-Classroom […] brought a dimension that the campaign desperately needed: national reach but individual touch.


Their online model allows a donor to select a teacher – any teacher can register at no cost – and give that specific teacher a donation.  When the teacher gets that donation, they send a thank you email. Not a template email, but an email written just for that donor. 


…[W]hen the teacher uses that donation to purchase something, they send another email telling the donor what they bought.  In so many donation scenarios, the donor has no idea who gets the money or what it goes to. This model made the experience personal and real […] exactly what we wanted our campaign to be. 



Do you know how your employees feel about your company's cause portfolio? How can you get them onboard with the company's cause marketing initiatives?


**All italicized text is Bill Bonner’s.


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