Millennials: Rejecting Business as Usual

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎02-18-2014 3:00 AM, EST

By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


We’re pleased to share our newest guide sponsored by Quantum Workplace, Engaging Millennial Employees: Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Cause. Here’s an excerpt:


Quantum Workplace Millennial employee quoteGeneration Y has been imbued with a sense of responsibility. Millennials feel responsible for themselves, their neighbors (both virtual and physical), their communities, and their planet. They grew up learning the importance of recycling and using less water, and that their actions directly affect their communities. In return, they believe that companies—their employers—have a responsibility to them, their society, and the world.


Although they acknowledge the bottom line, they also believe that companies need to give back some of what they’ve earned to contribute to the greater good. They see smart ways for companies to do this, too, such as transparency in reporting, sustainable business practices, and using company products and services for good. According to Jay Gilbert in the Ivey Business Journal, the single biggest threat to Millennial employee retention is a company’s reputation. Why is this so important?


“This learning suggests that highly engaged employees are proud of the organizations they work for. When perceptions of employer reputations decrease, a similar decrease in engagement spreads throughout the workforce. This finding is profound; engaged employees are emotionally attached to their organizations, and when employer reputation changes, so do relationships of employees with employers.” – Jay Gilbert


Millennials are changing the dialogue around responsible business practices. They support businesses that develop and execute robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, but they can also identify when they’re just empty PR stunts. This generation wants to work for organizations they believe in—a job isn’t just a job anymore.

Learn the implications of this trend and how your company can put these learnings to work by downloading our Millennial employee engagement guide now!


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