Looking for Employee Loyalty? Try Charity

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎02-27-2013 3:00 AM, EST

By Kate Olsen & Allison McGuire


Happy brain via Pinterest.jpgDid you know doing good triggers a chemical reaction in your brain? This feeling of euphoria  is known as the ‘Helper’s High’.


When you enable that response in your employees, they associate their passion for a cause with your company. If you're looking to help your employees pay it forward and are interested in fostering loyalty, charity rewards does both. 


A little thank you goes a long way. Small thank yous show your employees you're appreciative of their hard work and take note of their accomplishments.


Instead of another fruit basket, bottle of wine, or tchotchke, why not spread joy with charity gift cards? The gift of charity allows your employees to connect with causes closest to their hearts. Your thank-you gift is suddenly one that gives back.


Milestones worth remembering. While certificates are nice to receive, they can quickly be forgotten. Why not mark employee milestones in a more memorable way? Help your employees remember the occasion by supporting something they care about. The milestone will feel twice as nice.



Learn how your company can increase employee loyalty with charity rewards here.



Image via: http://pinterest.com/pin/82190761919145903/


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