It’s Loud Out There: Setting Your Company Apart

by Network for Good Specialist ‎11-25-2013 3:00 AM, EST

By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


Too loud via PinterestRibbons, promises to “do good”, and certifications saturate an already noisy consumer-focused marketplace. Consumers can be overwhelmed—fatigued, in fact—when there are too many messages and they all sound the same.


Cone’s newest Social Impact Study: The Next Cause Evolution explains how companies can break out from the norm by demonstrating impact and showcasing business transparency.


Ways you can do this right now:


  • Give charity to your customers. Let them choose a cause of their choice and relate that affinity to your brand.
  • Create an end-of-campaign report wrapping up key milestones. This document can showcase your company as a transparent one, and one that cares about the impact it makes.
  • Ask for feedback. Creating a company-customer feedback loop is essential, especially with the ubiquity of social sharing. Incorporate that feedback into your company’s approach to cause.
  • Learn what causes your customers support. Is it economic development? The environment? Find the causes that resonate, then look into charities in the space working on those issues. Consider partnering with a few of them for your next cause campaign.


Learn more about the brain science behind cause marketing and what drives people to give by downloading our Braniac's Guide to Cause Marketing.


Image credit: Pinterest user PediaStaff

Chart via Cone Communications Social Impact Study 2013

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