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by Network for Good Specialist on ‎03-18-2014 3:00 AM, EDT

By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


Here at Network for Good, we’ve been lucky enough to interact with hundreds of professionals working in corporate social responsibility. Many times we get details on what drives them to make a difference.


Below you’ll find just a few of the many responses we’ve gotten to the question: Where do you draw inspiration for your social impact work?


Audrey Robertson - Container StoreAudrey Robertson, VP of cultural programs, community relations, and social media at The Container Store, says:

From a company standpoint, because the company is my life, [what inspires me is] supporting our customers.


We understand what’s important to our customers – [the base is] mostly female – they want to support women, so we work with nonprofit partners that do just that. Once we partner with a nonprofit, it’s often a very long-term, enduring relationship. 




Jane Meseck - MicrosoftJane Meseck, Director of Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft, says:

I draw inspiration from seeing how Give for Youth works and how these types of projects can impact many individuals whose lives get changed.


It’s not about the big numbers, but rather about people like Domineisha. She got fully funded and was ecstatic when she heard the news. Those moments fuel my optimism.



Steven Cook - Men's WearhouseSteven Cook, VP of Community Relations at Men's Wearhouse, says:

Compassion has always been a centerpiece of our company culture and this environment can foster the best out of many individuals to look beyond their own self-interest.


Sometimes it is difficult to understand the ripple effect of a simple act of consideration for someone less fortunate, but doing the right thing is boundless and can positively affect thousands of lives. The Men’s Wearhouse Annual Suit Drive is one of many a prime examples. 



Lisa Gerber - Big Leap CreativeLisa Gerber, Founder of Big Leap Creative, says:

I am lucky to live in the mountains and work with clients all over the country thanks to technology.

I help businesses and executives take Big Leaps - and part of that involves finding balance and quality in life to achieve success.


When it comes to giving back, I want to make a statement that aligns with my own values and organizational goals, so I give in areas that encourage getting out in the woods. Hiking, walking, mountain biking.... whatever the case may be, these activities are good for the soul and for the brain... 


One last thing - I'm excited to pursue B corporation status for my business, [which] states I follow stringent guidelines to become a socially responsible corporation. 



Lauren Schiller.jpgLauren Schiller previously of Annie's Homegrown says:

If you’ve ever seen a child picking fresh vegetables in a garden, you’ll know the pure joy that being in touch with real food brings. And with a school garden, every child in every class can experience firsthand how real food grows, how delicious it tastes and how many flavors there are to explore. 
Connecting children to real food through school gardens helps kids make their own healthy choices, and enables them to recognize their ability to make an impact on their world.


The positive outcomes of creating that connection has been the driving force behind all of Annie’s garden initiatives, including Annie’s Garden Funder.



Ron Stebenne - FundOurCommunityRon Stebenne, CPO and Co-Founder of, says:

I am inspired by the great work of countless caring people striving to make all our lives better.  


I've come to a point in my life where I'm blessed with new and amazing resources capable of helping these community heroes in ways not available just a few years ago.


This is the right time to work together to make good things happen for many.



Question for discussion: So tell us, where do you draw inspiration for your social impact work?


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