Give Up Control: Brand Co-Creation

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎02-25-2013 3:00 AM, EST

By Kate Olsen and Allison McGuire


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) annual reports and press releases have their place, but do not help humanize a company’s commitment to environmental and social impact – especially for customers. 


Here's the first of three ways to help your customers co-create your reputation as a responsible company and amplify your CSR story.


1) Give an Inside View.
2) Give Up Control: In the age of social media you can’t control how the world perceives or shares your CSR story. 


Your customers, fans and critics will interpret your message as they will and add their own spin to it. The key is to cultivate your customers and fans so they become champions of your brand and CSR message.  It’s much more effective to have customers and fans refute critical claims than to have your PR person issue an official statement.


L'Oreal and Buddy Media did a terrific job of showcasing how brand co-creation is a win-win.


L'Oreal and Buddy Media Case Study


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by Hope Goeorge Mmbaga
on ‎03-27-2013 12:00 PM, EDT

Hello,I am so happy again to get this step,I have already write to you about our WODEF nonprofit organization,I waiting you for helping us to get fund raiser volunteer partners for making difference in our organization I am wishing you ALL THE BEST I am your friend Pastor Tumaini George Mbaga unique name HOPE.


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