Friday5: Social Good Start-up to Watch

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎02-22-2013 3:00 AM, EST

By Allison McGuire


This is the second post in a series around social good, start-up companies to watch. Be sure to check them all out!


Let’s start with Friday.


"Who doesn’t like Fridays? In fact, who isn’t overly excited for the weekend, feeling a sense of accomplishment by getting through the week? Why not tie this feeling with something good?" Mike Berman pondered these questions from his desk at the tech company, Eventbrite.


To put these questions to the test, Berman left his Silicon-Valley gig, and created a social enterprise where individuals donate a small amount--$5--every Friday to benefit good causes. Friday5 was born**.


The impact is two-fold, says Berman:

1) Funds raised for causes are used out in the field, assigning donations to direct impact.

2) Friday5 gives lesser known causes the exposure they need.



"For example, Team Rubicon is doing remarkable on-the-ground work in new and innovative ways, I'm sure thousands of people would love to support them- they just haven't heard of them yet," Berman explains. By featuring Team Rubicon one Friday on Friday5, the nonprofit garners attention for their good work and gains new supporters.


Friday5's goal is audacious. They want to recruit 10K users, as that translates to a $50K check to charity each week, and a network of people who will spread the word.


Join the Friday fun and learn more at


Check out their fun video:




**As is evident in the video, Friday5 is a Network for Good partner.


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