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by Network for Good Specialist on ‎03-25-2014 3:00 AM, EDT

By Allison McGuire | @CaliMcG


As many of you know, employee engagement is an ever-evolving trend. Below is an adapted excerpt from our guide, Employee Engagement: 5 Trends Shaping Employee Social Impact Programs, by Kate Olsen. In this guide, Kate unpacks ideas emerging from different sectors, all with the same theme: creative ways to activate your workforce. Check it out!


Employee Engagement Trend: Mobile Access


Mobile engagement is keyAmy Chait, Head of Market Development for YourCause, asserts that employee engagement is going mobile. Employees are hungry for ways to opt-in to volunteer programs, make donations, and monitor personal impact via their smart phones. This is particularly true for companies with a large portion of the workforce consistently on the road.


As Amy notes, “Our clients continually talk about how their employees are out in the field and not in front of a computer most of the time, therefore mobile access will help support participation for all types of workforce roles.” Just as individuals can manage their social networks, calendars and email via phone, so too do they want to be able to manage everything else on the go.


Here are a few ways your company can move towards a mobile-friendly employee engagement portfolio:


  • Pick the Right Partner(s): When you evaluate providers for employee giving, grants and volunteer management, and personal sustainability tracking, be sure to ask about their mobile strategy. Vendors that are truly responsible to market trends and client demands will have mobile-friendly platforms available (or in the works) and a plan to help your company make the most of the technology.


  • Equip Your Workforce: Just like you have to train your workforce on new administrative and business systems, so too do you need to provide guidance on mobile cause applications. Webinars and in-person information sessions can be great ways to understand employee appetite for and adoption of mobile tools. Additionally, you must provide easy to find and use self-help information, as well as phone of email support via your IT department or the platform vendor’s customer support.


  • Have a Policy: Employees must have a clear understanding of what activities and applications are sanctioned on work mobile devices versus personal devices. Additionally, given the potentially sensitive personal information an employee may transmit to make a donation, your company must consider data security issues and have a plan for how to protect employee data on mobile devices.

For more trends and strategies, download Employee Engagement: 5 Trends Shaping Employee Social Impact Programs.


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