Deloitte: Putting the ‘Pro’ in Pro Bono

by Kate_NFG on ‎07-08-2011 2:26 PM, EDT - last edited on ‎01-14-2013 9:42 AM, EST by Network for Good Specialist

Deloitte recently released the report Community— it’s our business Insights and reflections on doing pro bono work summarizing the following insights:.


  1. A client is a client, whether we get paid or not.
  2. The company makes the commitment, so the company is responsible for it.
  3. “Begin with the end in mind.”
  4. Pro bono is time. And time is money.
  5. Giving away $50 million in services poses different challenges than giving away $50 million in cash.


A corporate culture that promotes pro bono client work as just as relevant, meaningful and important as paid client work is a culture that truly gets CSR.  Creating shared value and providing employees with a professional outlet for community work can only elevate all client work.  Pro Bono engagements tap similar expertise to paid client work and can be a rich complement to an employee’s traditional professional development.  Further, projects with nonprofits and governments often expose employees to new challenges and require creative applications of core skills.  Finally, pro bono work contributes to a healthy employment brand and fosters loyalty and job satisfaction.


Deloitte’s commitment provides a useful roadmap for what employee volunteer programs can become by offering a full spectrum of opportunities from fostering a spirit of volunteerism on one end, all the way to multi-month projects on company time at the other.  Any engagement along that spectrum is good for nonprofits, good for the company and good just plain good in general


What is your company's philosophy of pro bono work?


If you are looking for ways to engage in skills-based volunteering and pro bono style projects, check out these resources:




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