Container Store: Unpacking Employee Engagement - #FF Feature

by Network for Good Specialist on ‎06-14-2013 3:00 AM, EDT

By Allison McGuire | @Calimcg


The Container Store offers sustainable, lasting products. We know this because we’ve perused their online CSR gallery and bought myriad Container Store products too.


Kate Olsen and I had the chance to chat with Audrey Robertson, VP of cultural programs, community relations, and social media, about the company’s digital and cultural impact programs.


While The Container Store does great community outreach and disaster relief work, what surprised us most in this interview was the company’s laser focus on its employees.


Here are some ways the company prioritizes its workforce. All italicized text is that of Ms. Robertson’s.


Container Store employeesEmployees first. We’re not afraid to say that [we put our employees first]. We know if we take better care of our employees, they’ll take better care of our customers. But while we focus on employees first, we really focus on optimizing the need of ALL of our stakeholders - simultaneously.


A-Team. We believe that one great person equals three good people in terms of business productivity – so why not hire only great people?


We’re fanatical about hiring great people to work at The Container Store – a retailer! – You wouldn’t believe the background of our employees: doctors, moms returning to the workforce, youth ministers, musicians, bankers, teachers. As leadership and communication are amongst our founding principles, employees feel safe and secure that they can work directly with their team, manager, or Vice President to solve any issues or concerns together.



Stay tuned for part II!



Question for discussion: How have stellar employees affected your company's bottom line?




Download our eGuide on the 5 Social Impact Trends influencing Employee Engagement  for more guidance on how your company can leverage the power of its workforce.


Image courtesty of The Container Store


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