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by Kate_NFG on ‎08-22-2011 6:10 AM, EDT - last edited on ‎01-11-2013 2:42 PM, EST by Network for Good Specialist

American Express has a new CSR blog.  CSR Now! is helmed by Tim McClimon,President of the American Express Foundation and Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility at American Express Company, and aims to showcase current happenings in corporate social responsibility from the perspective of a corporate practitioner.  The blog is a welcome addition to the ongoing CSR conversation and I look forward to future insights from the company that essentially pioneered cause marketing with the American Express Statue of Liberty Restoration campaign in 1983 and has contributed much to corporate citizenship overall.


Here are 5 CSR trends to watch from the inaugural post on CSR Now!


1.       Responsibility as a company value
2.       Growing integration between corporate philanthropy, volunteerism and sustainability
3.       Growing recognition that CSR can build skills in the workforce
4.       More and better communications about CSR
5.       Increasing call for more accountability, measurement and transparency


You can read the full post here.


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