3 Words to Drive Impact Goals in 2014

by KateNFG ‎01-08-2014 10:50 AM, EST

By Kate Olsen | @Kate4Good

It’s resolution time.  Chris Brogan sets New Year’s goals around 3 words that “will become part of the way you identify yourself, and thus, a guiding light for your efforts.” 


I appreciate the simplicity of 3 words that can serve as mantra, reminder and motivator all year.  It’s easier to rally your employees and stakeholders around a clear vision encapsulated by 3 words, especially if you give them the freedom to interpret and contribute to the goals in their own ways.  Give them room to try, fail, learn, succeed and validate that these are indeed the right goals.


Here are 3 words to jumpstart your impact goal setting process.  



Cause programs are not one-size-fits all.  Taking a portfolio approach to social responsibility ensures you align programs to diverse business needs and impact opportunities and create multiple ways for employees and other stakeholders to engage.  Think of social responsibility opportunities across a ladder of engagement.  There is room for lighter investments in volunteer days and giving programs, to more robust cause marketing and product integrations, to deeper commitments to sustainable supply chains and production processes.  Where does it make sense for your company to invest?



How do you know you are investing in the right cause programs for your company?  Proving the value proposition, in terms of both bottom line results and impact, requires intentional program design, measurement, and iteration.  This is the year to make the link between your social responsibility programs and your business results.  How does an investment in cause drive reputation, sales, customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, new market access?  Prove it.



In order for social responsibility programs to endure and thrive, they need endorsement from the top, buy-in at all levels, and frequent public reminders about progress and accomplishments.  In other words, leadership must inspire all stakeholders to make cause a priority, employees must inspire each other to get involved, and your company must share results to inspire customers, community members and program beneficiaries and build momentum.  Storytelling is part of it. So is sharing the proof referenced above and the lessons learned.  Inspiration involves more than a sustainability report or press release; it requires accessible, relatable, timely updates across any and all channels available.


What are your social responsibility goals for 2014?  



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