3 Reasons Cause is the Secret to Engagement

by Network for Good Specialist ‎11-09-2012 3:00 AM, EST

By Kate Olsen and Allison McGuire


This is adapted from our new eGuide, Rewards & Loyalty: 3 Ways to Win the Hearts of Your Consumers & Employees with Cause.


According to several studies profiled in the Washington Post[i], a bonus you spend on someone else is more motivating than a bonus you spend on yourself.  Here are 3 reasons helping your consumers and employees ‘pay it forward’ with charity rewards will engender their loyalty to your company. 


BBMG_New_Consumer.jpg1) Social Proof. Adding a socially responsible dimension to your brand promise and workplace culture allows your company to prioritize social good commitments and actions. This addition gives you space to then publicly acknowledge social impact milestones. 


In other words, you can thank consumers and reward employees with a gift of charity to reinforce that social responsibility brand promise in a very visible way.


Giving your customers opportunities to engage with causes through your brand experience will attract what BBMG calls ‘conscious consumers[ii] -- the 70 million Americans who care about creating shared value with their favorite brands. Social proof of community impact will also attract the type of employee who wants to work in an environment that values social responsibility.


2) ‘Helper’s High.’ Doing good creates a chemical reaction in the brain, a feeling of euphoria known as the ‘Helper’s High.’ When you enable that feeling in your consumers and employees, they associate your company with their passion for doing good. That link can be a powerful loyalty driver, especially if you allow individuals to share their stories about why they care for particular causes. Through meaningful touch points to thank consumers and employees for their generosity, you can communicate the collective social impact your company is fostering.  Whenever possible, help consumers and employees recapture that ‘Helper’s High.’ 


3) Individual Spirit. Part of what is so compelling about spending a bonus on someone else is that the act is an expression of individualism and personal values. One person may wish to support a local food bank, while another is passionate about preventing malaria deaths in Africa. When you give consumers and employees choice in charity, your company is demonstrating that you respect them as individuals, and seek to help them give back in a way that is personally meaningful and rewarding.  

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