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What is Be Your Donor Day?

Want to make sure your donors can easily make a donation to your organization and have a great experience doing it? You've got to be your donor.


Before you send your next appeal, before you drive donors to your website and before you launch your year-end plans, you absolutely must set aside time to put yourself in your donor's shoes to guarantee that your fundraising strategy will inspire them to give more.  This year, we decree that October 24th be that day: Be Your Donor Day!


Be Your Donor Day is a day dedicated to looking at nonprofit fundraising and outreach from the donor's perspective. This day serves as a reminder for nonprofits to set aside time to review and improve their outreach and donation experience to ensure they are in touch with their donor's perspective.


On October 24th, nonprofits should call their own phone numbers, try to make donations on their own sites and confirm what type of receipts and thank-yous they receive.


Be Your Donor Day is celebrated in the 4th week of October -- just in time for year-end fundraising preparations. Having an optimized fundraising approach as well as an amazing donor experience can boost nonprofits' fundraising results during the critical year-end fundraising season, and can result in more loyal donors who give more frequently.