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How do I clean up my email list?

I started with EmailNow not too long ago and I'm just getting around to creating my first import. First though, I'd like to clean up my list. Any suggestions on things I should focus on?

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Re: How do I clean up my email list?

Great idea! Importing a clean, up to date list is the best way to hit the ground running with EmailNow.


But before you start deleting people off your list, try reaching out to them one more time. Send a note asking if they want to continue receiving your emails and be sure to include what they will miss if they opt-out. Incent your readers!


Also make sure you clearly identify your organization as people are quick to delete emails from people they don't recognize. Let them know they are free to unsubscribe at anytime- having a way out helps people trust you and your organization more.


When your responses come in, remove any emails from your list that "bounce" or are returned as undeliverable.


One last tip is to look in EmailNow at the record fields it provides. Try to match the fields in your list to the EmailNow fields to make importing easier. For example, EmailNow requires a field for "First Name" and a field for "Last Name". If your mailing list has "Contact Name" this will cause a problem when you try to import because you have the full name of your contact in one field, where EmailNow has two. If you'd like to keep additional information about your contacts in EmailNow, you'll need to add some custom fields. You can do this from the "Fields" button in your Audience tab before importing.