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Network for Good Fundraising Community
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Getting Started in the Community

What is The Network for Good?

The Network for Good is a community for nonprofit fundraisers and communicators to collaborate on new ideas, solve issues, share experiences and build on Network for Good's accumulated expertise in online fundraising and outreach.


What is a “board”?

The community is divided up into different categories that are based on broad topics. Each category contains sections that are more specific about the topic– these are called boards.


What is a "thread?"
When one or more people reply to a particular message, a "thread" is created. If you post a new message, then that starts a new thread. If you reply to an existing message, then that message becomes part of the original message's thread.



What is “My Profile” and why is it important?

Your profile can tell the community a little bit about you and your organization. It is also the location where you can set privacy and personalization options.   .


To change Personal Profile:


  • Login to the Community.
  • Click the My Settings link.
  • Click the Personal Profile tab.
  • Find the Personal Information section and fill in any fields you want to share. Please add your organization name and tell us a little bit about yourself in your signature.


By default, any information you type in this section is shown to everyone. However, you can limit display to only members on your Friends List by choosing the Friends Only option in the Profile Privacy section at the bottom of the Preferences tab.



How do I find an answer to my question?

You can post a new question at any time, but it is possible the question has been asked before, so before posting try:


Searching: Simply type keywords for your topic into the Search box (at the top right of every page), ensure "Community" is selected in the drop down (to get the broadest possible search) and click the search button. 


Browsing: The community is divided up into different categories that are based on broad topics. Each category contains boards that get more specific about the topic or subject. Find the category and title that best describes your question or comment.


How do I post a new question?

If you can’t find the answer to your specific question post a message on the appropriate board:


Go to the board you want to post on, and click the New Message link near the top-left of the board. Some key considerations when posting a message to the Community Forums:


Subject: This is the only part of the message that shows up on the message listing page, so try to make it something that will be clear and concise.


Body:  Include details of your question here.


Also, remember this is a public forum - do not include private information and the community is here to help so please refrain from name calling and nastiness to fellow community members


Once your Post is completed you can click Check Spelling to look for misspelled words, or you can click Preview  to see what your post will look like on the boards.  


When you are happy with your message, click the Post button. Your message will be added to board and everyone else on the board will be able to read it.



How do I know if someone has responded to my post?


If you add a board, or thread to your subscriptions, the system will send you an email every time someone posts to the board, or replies to the thread.


To add a board to your Subscriptions:

  • Go to the board to which you want to subscribe.
  • Open the Board Options menu (top-left) and click Subscribe (to receive notices via email) or Subscribe to RSS Feed (to add to Google Reader).


Add a topic thread to your Subscriptions:

  • Open the message to which you want to subscribe.
  • Open the Options menu (top-right) and click Subscribe (to receive notices via email) or Subscribe to RSS Feed (to add to Google Reader).



When posting a new message make sure you have checked the box Email me when someone replies. You may also want to automatically subscribe to threads you participate in: Visit My Profile > Preferences > Check Automatically Subscribe Me to Topics I Participate In


To view or delete your Email Subscriptions, click My Profile, then click the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab and select Email Subscriptions.



What are Kudos and Accepted Solutions?


Kudos is a content rating system that lets you vote for the messages you think are the most useful or important. To give Kudos to a message and its author: Click the Kudos! badge (the star at the bottom left) on the message.


Accepted Solutions is a way for you to choose the reply that best answers a question that you've posted.  To mark a message as a solution: Click the Accept Solution button (at the bottom right) on the reply.



Where can I learn more?


Community Help


Now that you know what to do....introduce yourself by filling out your profile